The Alliance for Watershed Education is comprised of 23 environmental education centers in the Delaware River Watershed. Click here to learn more about the centers involved.

Each center in the Alliance hosts a summer Fellow to help engage the public and increase access to the watershed. Click here to meet the 2017 cohort of Fellows.

The Alliance hosts a shared event series each year called River Days; click here for a master schedule of River Days events at each of the 23 centers. 

The Alliance for Watershed Education is a regional initiative of twenty-three partnering environmental education centers that is funded and supported by the William Penn Foundation. Each of these centers is located along a Circuit Trail or major connecting trail, and on waterways throughout the Delaware River Watershed in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Through aligned communications, joint programming and shared professional development, the centers aim to build capacity and increase their collective impact within the watershed and its communities. The Alliance shares a mission to provide education and recreational opportunities that inspire personal conservation action, improve water quality, strengthen community ties, and increase access to trails and waterways.

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